I had written HOW TO AVOID EATING JUNK sometime back, but whats more important a question I asked myself is do people even know what really is the junk they ingest. Do we not stop to ask ourselves the reason for the growing health challenges that plagues our generation, when even little children in today’s world develop cancer, heart and kidney diseases, not excluding diabetes.

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This is an era where we all somehow know in our subconscious minds that eating healthy is the way to go, but somehow we still don’t, we don’t have that strong will or we keep running into junk and it so willingly runs into us as well! Wow! Coincidence or what?

So I’ve had to deal with this same problem, that frizzy drink that looks so colourfull it seems like a hand is reaching out from the bottle just calling me to grab it, those tempting colours that call in a way that water will most likely not, I mean orange colour, black, red, and the bottles just won’t let you rest either nicely designed well shaped bottles that you just want to grab, and those adverts on Television where the bottle seems to be sweating from what?! Not even heat but cold and someone grabs and gulps it. #Laughing. Much as I am not trying to tempt you here I just know this will certainly be scenarios only too familiar to you. But need we be told again, junk is terrible for our health.

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