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The thought just hit me, different attitudes, behaviours and habits we have can actually have a direct or indirect impact on our health, in this case I thought it would be interesting to talk about LAZINESS. Some are lazy on an extreme level, they would rather starve than make a meal, they would rather stay in a dirty place than clean it up, and they couldn’t care less if they sit all day doing absolutely nothing. For others, it’s sometimes just bouts of moments when they have little or no urge to do or indulge in any activity, while for some too, they are constantly on the go with seemingly endless energy, in fact inactivity is sickening for these fellows.

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We all know the importance of balanced diets in our meals and most especially the need to have some proteins, this we have been taught all through our educational and nutritional lives. There is no rejecting the fact that indeed protein plays a major role in the body’s well being.

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